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Complementing to duromine weight lose programme, Zenoctil is the perfect addition. The all natural zenoctil is too sold under clinical license for it's patented ingredients which works much better then any before-food weight lost pills sold on the shelves.

What Others Say About Zenoctil

I am so thrilled, I’d like to share my experience. I can't believe I could lose my fat belly and trim off 2 inches from my waistline in just 2 months! I've been using Zenoctil™ and I have dropped 3 kilos and about 4% of my body fat. From a size 16, I now fit a size 14. It’s like a dream that needs to continue as I still want to lose more fat. I’ve been enjoying the evenings out with my friends cycling around the neighbourhood. It’s nice to feel light and I look forward to getting lighter. I find that I could do more activities too because I seem to have high energy levels. I look forward to outdoor activities like the plan to go hiking in the woodlands with my friends this summer.

ALL the feedbacks are extracted from Zenoctil.com

What is Fat Burner?

The influx of information on fats and their impact on health have made many sit up and re-look their state of health and the many options available to improve it. Certainly, taking charge of one’s own fitness and health is a move towards the right direction. This includes not just a lifestyle change but also taking into consideration helping aids like fat burners.

stored body fatSo, what are fat burners? As the term suggests, fat burners promote the burning of your stored body fat. Fat burners operate on the principle of thermogenesis or the breakdown of body fat. Also known as thermogenic agents, fat burners have metabolism-boosting properties and these help you lose weight and fat as your metabolic rate is raised.

How Do Fat Burners Work?

healthy body weightFat burners release the stored body fat from your fat cells by breaking down fat cells. The released body fat, in the form of fatty acids, will then be found available in your blood stream for mobilisation to the muscle cells and are thus burned to generate energy.

Additionally, fat burners also prevent lipogenesis or formation of fat cells. These also suppress appetite and reduce the feeling of hunger. In effect, food intake is reduced and this leads to weight loss as less fat and calories are available as energy source or for burning as well as storage.

Eventually, burning or breaking down the stored fat as well as reducing the storage of body fat lead towards attaining your healthy body weight or healthy body composition.

Why Zenoctil?

Fat Binder vs Fat Burner

weight managementThere are so many choices available to you. So, ask yourself - what weight management strategy do I use? Which is the safest & healthiest approach? Where do I start?

To begin with, take a look at yourself and your needs. Are you overweight? Do you plan to lose a few kilos or do you just need to maintain your shape? Modification of eating habits along with regular exercise might not be sufficient to achieve the ultimate goal of weight loss over the long-term.

To bind or to burn
There are different types of weight loss products available in the market. There are fat binders, fat burners, “carb” (short for carbohydrate) blockers, appetite suppressants, and the list goes on. Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. The choice of a weight loss or fat loss agent depends on each individual’s need.

Although the end result you seek is the same, that is weight loss, there are various ways of attaining it. Since weight loss primarily due to fat loss is ideal, that brings us to one of the often-asked questions the difference between fat binders and fat burners.

liposinolFat binders such as Liposinol™ are sometimes referred to as fat absorbers. The term “fat binders” denotes weight loss products with lipophilic or “fat-loving” property. In other words, it can bind to fat molecules. Liposinol™, for example, helps you to lose weight by binding dietary fats in the stomach and preventing them from being digested and absorbed into the bloodstream and stored in the body.

Fat burners, on the other hand, do not bind fats but promote the burning of stored body fat. Fat burners, like Zenoctil™, promote the breakdown of body fat in a process called thermogenesis. Fat burners or thermogenic agents have metabolism-boosting properties that help you lose weight and fats as your metabolic rate is raised.

The Reliable Fat Burner

A good fat burner should be clinically tested to be effective and safe. Multiple modes of action of different ingredients must work synergistically towards fat loss and fat blocking effects. In the case with Zenoctil™, it is a clinically tested fat burner that is proven to be effective in reducing weight, belly fat and BMI as well as for promoting a healthier body composition. In addition, the reduction of stress associated with dieting and maintenance of a healthy blood sugar level are added advantages of Zenoctil™.

A fat burner that is derived from natural sources, such as commonly used food sources, is preferred as it adds to the safety aspect of the product. A clinical study will confirm that a product is safe and is well tolerated with no harmful side effects.

In certain countries like the US, products that contain ephedra or its (ephedra’s) equivalent are not allowed as ephedra-containing dietary supplements are known to have a high rate of serious side effects and ephedra-related deaths. Zenoctil™ does not contain ephedra or its (ephedra’s) equivalent. Zenoctil™ as a final product, is clinically tested to be safe and effective. Zenoctil™ is a non-drug formulation that contains Xanitrol™, which is derived from natural and commonly used food sources.

Do You Need A Fat Burner?

Today, many of us enjoy a modern lifestyle, especially for those who live in the urban areas. In consequence, our lifestyle has changed considerably. unhealthy dietsIt may be sedentary with imbalanced and unhealthy diets, causing an increase in the obese and overweight population.

The negative health consequences of obesity and overweight often lead to a short life span if not a life troubled by disease. In some circumstances, depression or emotional disturbance beset them. The health consequences of this segment of the population cannot be hidden under layers of clothing unlike their physical looks. Thus, the goal of a large number of people should be achieving a lean and healthy body composition, with looking good as a bonus. At this point, an effective and safe fat burner needs to be included to kick start the weight management program.

A healthy lifestyle is always a must and a fat burner supplement is your partner in achieving your healthy body weight. You need a fat burner, like Zenooctil™ to kickstart your plans and keep you motivated with the results on the way.

If you exercise regularly and follow good nutritional habits, a good fat burner supplement like Zenoctil™ will help you eliminate those frustrating problem areas. It certainly is very motivating, when you lose fat in a short period of time.

Remember, there is no miracle or over night solution for losing weight. You need Zenoctil™, an effective and safe fat burner, to complement your healthy weight loss program that includes physical activities and healthy diet plans. Thus, in order to attain weight loss results, commit to a healthy lifestyle with Zenoctil™. Furthermore, maintain your healthy body composition in the long term by adopting a healthy lifestyle permanently.

Make Zenoctil™ your choice! Jump-start fat loss and burn fat safely with the clinically tested and natural Zenoctil™.


Complementing to DUROMINE weight lose programme, ZENOCTIL is the perfect addition.

While DUROMINE works by taking 1 pill per day in the morning, ZENOCTIL is taken 30minutes before food. So be free of guilt while indulging in food while on your slimming programme!

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