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Duromine for reduction of the risk of pancreatic cancer

Medical observations showed that pancreatic cancer ranks the seventh among oncological diseases. This was the reason for the study and identification of risk factors for pancreatic cancer. During the study, Swedish and American researchers have found out that overweight women are predisposed to pancreatic cancer by 70% more than women of normal body weight.

The risk of pancreatic cancer in obese women is significantly increased during menopause. The peculiarity of pathology is because fat deposits are concentrated around the stomach. During the same study, it was also found that 15% of cases of pancreatic cancer in women during menopause are caused by obesity and reduced physical activity.

At the same time, in moderate physical activity (1-1.5 hours per week) the risk for pancreatic cancer decreases by two times. Given that regular use of food rich in fats is also a risk factor for pancreatic cancer, it is recommended to reduce body weight to decrease the risk for the oncological disease. It is recommended traditionally to lose extra pounds by means of diet therapy in combination with active lifestyle.

In some cases, traditional method of weight loss is prescribed together with Duromine medication. Obesity treatment with Duromine is prescribed to patients with BMI over 30 or with BMI greater than or equal to 27 in the availability of obesity-associated diseases, particularly: diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia. Duromine use helps not only to reduce body weight but also to decrease the risk of obesity-associated diseases including pancreatic cancer.

Metabolism changes in obese patients and they do not feel satiety when consuming usual portion of food. Therefore, it is very difficult for them to observe dietary restrictions. The use of Duromine drug helps obese patients to change food habits without stress to the body. Because Duromine has anorexigenic effect, obese patients can easily adhere to even the strictest dietary restrictions. During the use of Duromine tablets, the person begins to feel satiety when using small portions of food, and subcutaneous fat, including around the stomach is gradually lost.

Duromine use helps to reduce the amount of fats and toxins in the body tissues. Increase in insulin sensitivity reduces the risk for type 2 diabetes in patients taking Duromine. It is known that diabetes is one of the causes of pancreatic cancer. Therefore, besides weight loss and control of insulin level in the blood plasma, the risk for pancreatic cancer decreases in patients taking Duromine tablets.

In obesity, hyperinsulinemia leads to damages and proliferative growth in the pancreatic ductal cells. The control of insulin level in the blood by reducing weight with Duromine allows decreasing the risk of pancreatic and oncological pathologies. Regular use of Duromine in combination with hypocaloric diet allows normalizing lipid metabolism, which is disturbed together with weight gain. Normalization of lipid profile reduces a risk of hyperlipidemia and a risk of pancreatitis in patients taking Duromine diet pills.

The direct effect of obesity on pancreatic cancer is not fully understood. However, it is established that risk factors of pancreatic cancer are complications associated with obesity. Thus, weight loss by means of Duromine pills helps not only to reduce the risk of obesity-related diseases, but also significantly to reduce the risk for pancreatic cancer (also in women during menopause).

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