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Duromine for obesity treatment

Every fifth inhabitant on the planet suffers from excess body weight. The attitude to extra weight of person himself makes it worse. Because many people consider obesity just an aesthetic problem. Still, they do not think over a real harm, caused by extra weight to the body. Obesity is among the main risk factors of diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases and dyslipidemia.

The numerous trials show that 15% weight loss (of the initial body weight) eliminates the risk of obesity comorbidities. Weight loss helps patients to restore the body health, bring back sexuality and attractiveness. For a successful weight loss, patient must have a comprehensive approach and a strong desire. Because obesity is a chronic disease, people should keep an eye on their body weight for the rest of their lives.

Most overweight people start to gain weight due to systematic overeating. Therefore, doctors recommend to begin anti-obesity therapy with changing their eating behavior and increasing the physical activity. In class I and II obesity, many patients can lose the body mass by the help of non-pharmacological methods of weight loss therapy. While class III and IV obesity require a combination of diet restrictions, physical exercises and medications for obesity treatment, for example Duromine.

Anorexigenic drug Duromine is prescribed to increase the efficiency of non-drug therapy, prevent the obesity relapses, improving metabolic index and motivating obese patients to stick to a healthy lifestyle. Because Duromine can suppress the appetite and increases a sense of fullness, patients reduce the portions of food they eat daily. They feel full when they eat little. As a result, the body mass decreases and stabilizes.

It is noteworthy that Duromine does more than just provides weight loss; it reduces the amount of visceral fat deposits. In addition, Duromine diet pills provide a beneficial effect on lipid metabolism in the blood plasma. Due to normalization of lipid metabolism, the oxidation of free fatty acids decreases by 30% in patients, who take Duromine. Along with the weight loss, Duromine increases metabolism, thereby providing the most effective reduction of excess weight.

In addition to the weight loss, Duromine therapy is accompanied by restoration of impaired body functions, improving the overall health. It is recommended to begin anti-obesity therapy with an average daily dose of Duromine 30mg. Patient should take Duromine pill in the morning with breakfast. If the body mass has reduced by less than 5kg within 4 weeks of Duromine intake, the daily dose can be increased up to Duromine 40mg. The duration of anti-obesity therapy is 24
weeks. A second treatment course of anti-obesity therapy with Duromine can be only held in three months after the first one.

Because of the fact that patients continue to adhere to new eating behavior during the use of Duromine pills, the achieved result can be saved for a long time. Commitment of overweight patients to a healthy lifestyle after the termination of using Duromine pills helps to prevent the relapses of the disease.

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