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Duromine for obesity therapy

Over 1.5 billion of people suffer from excess weight or obesity. Many people connect obesity with extra kilograms and their look only. Only few people know that fat deposits are accumulated all over the internal organs, affecting their functions.

Obesity causes many diseases, such as: hypertension, diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemia, arrhythmia, renal insufficiency, steatohepatitis and others. Fat tissue is accumulated around all vital organs as a rule.

Almost every overweight person has nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), caused by excessive storage of fat in the liver cells. Weight loss is one of the most effective methods of NASH treatment. Therapy of obesity, complicated with NASH involves the change of eating behavior and increase of physical activity.

In some cases, Duromine weight loss drug is added to traditional weight loss methods. Medication Duromine is used for anti-obesity drug therapy. In fact, a short-term pharmacotherapy with Duromine is an adjunct to a diet and physiotherapy. So, patients find it much more easier to change their eating habits because Duromine provides anorexigenic effect.

When using Duromine weight loss drug, people need a minimum of food to feel full. Patients with NASH are recommended to divide their meals into small portions; therefore, Duromine diet pills will help to follow this recommendation easily. Weight loss in patients, who take Duromine medication promotes normal energy metabolism in the body tissues.

Once the adipose tissue decreases during Duromine use, metabolic syndrome in patients with NASH is improved. This reduces the blood sugar significantly. Normal level of the blood sugar restores the pancreas functions and reduces body’s ability to convert carbs into fats.

As a result of reduction of adipose tissue during the therapy with Duromine diet pills, the risk of dyslipidemia and hypertriglyceridemia is reduced. In addition, weight loss helps to increase HDL-cholesterol levels, reducing the risk of atherosclerosis.

Weight loss drug Duromine not only reduces the amount of fat tissue, but also improves the blood flow, reduces blood viscosity and the risk of cardiovascular complications. Along with decreased body weight, Duromine diet pills restore metabolic function of the liver and its ability to store glycogen.

Because Duromine drug is taken as an adjunct therapy together with diet, a moderate consumption of healthy foods and regular exercises will speed up burning of abdominal fat. As you know, weight loss is accompanied by reduction of blood cholesterol. Thus, patients, who use Duromine for weight loss, have low risk of atherosclerotic plaques and cardiovascular complications.

Moreover, weight loss restores the elasticity of the blood vessels and improves the blood flow. Hence, weight loss reduces the risk of hypertonic disease, improving function of adrenal glands, strengthening the nervous system, normalizing functions of thyroid and pituitary glands. Overall, anti-obesity therapy with the help of Duromine provides few effects at the same time: first of all – eliminates extra kilograms, secondly – restores the liver functions, and finally – reduces the risk of complications, typical for obesity.

Use of diet pills Duromine in combination with hypocaloric diet and moderate physical activity allows to lose up to 3kg of excess weight per week. In general, regular intake of Duromine pills within 24
weeks can give you up to 30% of weight loss. Because obesity violates size and function of the liver, weight loss with Duromine drug allows to restore them both.

Sometimes, for a quick recovery of the liver, doctors prescribe hepatoprotective drugs in addition to Duromine weight loss medication. Essentiale is one of the most effective hepatoprotectors. Regular use of Duromine in complex with Essentiale provides weight loss, normalizes lipid and protein metabolism, improves the immune system, as well as accelerates detox of the body.

Weight loss, combined with the use of Essentiale helps to restore and save the cell structure of the liver, preventing formation of connective tissue in the liver. The decrease of fat tissue and body detox during the use of Duromine and Essentiale speeds up metabolic processes in the body. Therefore, for obesity, complicated by NASH, it is recommended to take Duromine weight loss pills at a minimal dosage (one diet pill Duromine 15mg).

As mentioned above, a joint use of diet drug Duromine and medication Essentiale helps patients with NASH and obesity to lose body weight and normalize the liver function. In addition, the joint use of these medications improves the quality and length of patients’ life. Healthy diet and regular physiotherapy help to keep normal weight and reduce the recurrence of NASH after the termination of Duromine diet drug.

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